Welcome to A Wish for Sunshine! I’m Bonnie – a Floridian who was fortunate to have lived overseas while growing up, and now call the Midwest home with my husband and three pets. We relish time spent together while eagerly anticipating new places to explore both now and when we retire, hopefully before too many years pass.

I find delight in the details I see everyday. I also get a kick out of trying to coax our pets into being camera subjects: the bed-head, fur askew dog who always makes me grin, the calmly observant calico whose eyes peer out from her new hiding spot or the persnickety (read: MEAN) black cat who is so grumbly but has claimed my heart but eludes my lens.

While not working, I enjoy time spent in the kitchen, planning trips and traveling, reading mysteries, finding ways to cut spending (saving for that retirement!), holiday movies – especially black and white ones – and each day I try to remember to savor life today and to not look too far down the road.



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A favorite saying: Life is made of days that mean nothing and moments that mean everything.


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