That’s a wrap on Halloween 2017

Halloween snuck up this year, after a month of up and down temperatures and little in the way of autumn color around us due to another very dry summer (or so “they” say). After trying to pretend autumn wasn’t really right around the corner, I finally got into high gear, prepping 20171029_201751Trick-or-Treat goodies for our workplaces: Kit-Kat and Reese’s mini cup Frankensteins and shortbread and jam witches’ fingers. Neither photo was taken with the thought of anything more than a quick reminder of what we made, so they’re literally a bit shady.

Earlier in the week, a new neighbor had asked how many kids she should expect to come around trick-or-treating  in our community, and I said it’d been very sparse the past few years – only about 10-15 kids. So, when we turned out our porch light after the trail of little goblins had diminished… about more than 60 kids later, I think I left her short on candy!

I capped off the Halloween week by traveling home to visit my brother for a few days, and watching the PBS American Masters episode on Edgar Allen Poe by flickering candlelight (and learning more than I ever learned in an American Lit class in high school or college).


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